Project Synopses

Research Highlights

  • Colorado State University-Fort Collins: Optimizing Novel Immunotherapy Combinations Targeting the Tumor Microenvironment in Canine Spontaneous Osteosarcoma; Dow, Steven W.; London, Cheryl A.  

  • Tufts University: Enhancing the efficacy of immunotherapy in DLBCL using rational combination approaches; London, Cheryl A., Richards, Kristy L.

  • University of Alabama Birmingham: Canine ImmunoNeurotherapeutics; Chambers, M R.  

  • University of California Davis: Enhancing natural killer immunotherapy with first-in-dog trials of inhaled recombinant IL-15 and super-agonist IL-15 in naturally occurring canine cancers; Canter, Robert J.; Rebhun, Robert B.

  • University of Minnesota: Novel combined immunotherapeutic strategies for glioma: using pet dogs as a large animal spontaneous model; Pluhar, Elizabeth


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