Steering Committee

PRECINCT is the first comparative oncology clinical trials network. The PRECINCT is led by Dr. Nicola Mason and Dr. Qi Long at the School of Veterinary Medicine and the Department of Biostatistics at The University of Pennsylvania respectively. The PRECINCT provides members access to unparalleled expertise in design, coordination, and implementation of clinical trials and data management, biostatistical support, and clinical immunological monitoring and correlative studies. The Data Coordinating Center (DCC) within PRECINCT provides administrative support for the PRECINCT and serves to harmonize clinical and immunological data from each study site within the network to further our understanding of combination immunotherapies and correlative biomarkers of activity and efficacy in pets dogs with spontaneous tumors.

PRECINCT’s Steering Committee (SC) consist of one PI from each of the five Clinical Research Centers; one representative from the PRECINCT; the NCI Project Officer and one representative from the COP of the NCI. The SC works to guide and implement policies and procedures for single site investigations and collaborative projects.

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Robert Canter, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery

Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of California Davis

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Steven Dow, DVM, PhD


Department of Clinical Sciences,
Flint Animal Cancer Center, 
Colorado State University

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Liz Pluhar, DVM, PhD


Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences

University of Minnesota

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Qi Long, PhD

Professor of Biostatistics

Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, & Informatics

University of Pennsylvania

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Toby Hecht, PhD

Associate Director

Associate Director

Translational Research Program

Division of Cancer Treatment & Diagnosis

National Cancer Institute

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M. R. Chambers, DVM, MD

Professor of Neurosurgery

Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Cheryl A. London, DVM, PhD

Professor of Oncology

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

Tufts University

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Nicola J. Mason, BVetMed, PhD

Associate Professor

University of Pennsylvania

School of Veterinary Medicine

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Amy K. LeBlanc, DVM


Comparative Oncology Program

National Institutes of Health/
National Cancer Institute

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Connie Sommers, PhD

Program Director

Division of Cancer Treatment & Diagnosis

National Cancer Institute